Mandala Making for Meditation


Begins February 18th

As someone who believes in the proven benefits of meditation, I have to admit - I'm not very good at it.

At least not what one would consider "traditional" meditation...

You know...the sit or lay comfortably/close your eyes/clear your mind method. There's absolutely nothing flawed about the method, it's me who doesn't do well. Just because I have not been successful doesn't mean I can't be successful at meditation,

I have learned that active meditation is the approach that works for me. Active meditation is meditation in motion. It can take on many forms - preparing food, walking, yoga. My chosen method is using creativity as the vehicle for my movement.

This chosen creative tool of meditation is making dot mandalas. Within that choice, I also choose to use sacred geometrical shapes like the Flower of Life, Torus, and Metatron's Cube. It allows me to deepen the meditative state by focusing on the sacred geometry shape and meaning.

Coupled together, active meditation through dot mandala making packs a powerful punch. You are open to the benefits of both art + meditation. The Sacred Geomentry Mandala Workshop with Wysdom takes you on a creative meditation journey. At the end, not only will you have learned this practice, but you will have created a beautiful Torus Sacred Geometry Mandala.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn active meditation through actively practicing this approach.
  • Create a beautiful, Sacred Geometry Mandala (a Torus).
  • Experience the benefits of both creativity and meditation.
  • Be able to institute active meditation in your daily routine. I encourage you to do so.
  • Add a creative tool to your medicine basket, to be used as you are called to it.
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The Experience

Traditional meditation doesn't work for everyone - no matter how hard you may try. I am certainly one of the people who seemingly cannot be successful in this form of the modality. Years ago, I stumbled upon active meditation, virtually unbeknownst to myself. I began creating dot mandalas simply for the beauty of the artwork and creative process. After creating a few dot mandalas and journaling what was arising for me during the process, I realized that I had transcended into a meditative state when I was dotting.

This realization sent me down a rabbit hole: How is it that I can attain a meditative state when I am busily creating?

I found the answer was active meditation. Active meditation is defined as meditation in motion. The steady tempo of creating the dots that form the mandala delivered for me a state of meditation. I was finally at peace and able to experience a blissful state of being void of the chaos in the world and the trials and tribulations of life.

As a creative, I got twice the benefit... I was able to create beauty through the mandalas I made + I was able to meditate. The synergy created between these two acts created a greater benefit than the sum of creating art or meditation alone. It is this synergized benefit that I am sharing with those who are called.

In Sacred Geometry Mandala you will:

  • Create a beautiful Torus Mandala
  • Benefit from the making and study of Sacred Geometry - the Torus
  • Learn and implement Active Meditation in your personal creative practice
  • Experience a Synergistic Approach to noticing what is arising for you

This Workshop with Wysdom teaches you the basics: the tools of dot mandala making, how to make great dots, paint consistency and mixing, and so much more. At the end of class, you will have a beautiful Torus Mandala on canvas which you can hang on your wall + the tool of active meditation to add to your medicine basket.

Enjoy a private classroom in a private community off of social media, to include a private discussion group where you are able to share your work, ask questions, witness others, and be witnessed.

All course content and the discussion group is hosted in the online Wysdom Circle Community. One place for content, discussion, and community connection.