Wysdom Arts Gallery & Atelier

Curating Consciousness through Creative Acts

Intentional Creativity as the tool + Medicine Painting as the vehicle...

Divinely Inspired.

People mixed up talent with creativity. Talent is for the few. Creativity is for everyone. Each of us was blessed by the Creator with creativity. We are created to create - the world we live in, the tools we use, our own selves. Be inspired. Create.

Intentionally Created.

When we put paintbrush to canvas, we have made a conscious choice to create. We have an intention... The intention could simply be to make marks. Or maybe it's to create a masterpiece. It could something between the two extremes. Get clear on what your creative intention is and just do it.


We are born into culture and traditions which were not our conscious choice. These things are the sole shapers of our identity. But - you have a CHOICE! Medicine Painting - the key tool in Intentional Creativity opens the portal of possibilities for you and your life. Click below to see how.

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The Brothers, by Milagros Suriano-Rivera

Wysdom Arts is dedicated to shifting the paradigm by displaying the art of women.

Wysdom Arts is both an art gallery and an atelier (studio). Learn to create art using the Intentional Creativity® method in our atelier. Exhibit and sell your art in our gallery.

We represent women artists - an under represented population. Women make up 50% of artists in the world, yet only 2% of women artists are represented in galleries and museums. Wysdom Arts seeks to change that paradigm through the empowerment of women in Intentional Arts.

Mission and Vision

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The Lady and The Lion, by Naa Kwarley Amissah
Legend 2023: Archeo Futura

Find your power faster.
Choose your course and Curate Consciousness.

Our Atelier offers many opportunities to create. Medicine paintings, Archetype Art Journaling, Mandala Magick... There is a wide variety of activities to whet everyone's (paint) palette. No experience necessary.

In addition to our online offerings, we also host Mimosa Mocktails & Mandalas as well as Sacred Sanctuary Café with small groups right in our Gallery. We have a living museum where people come to enjoy our events or simply sit amongst the art and read a book while sipping a cup of coffee or tea (complimentary).

Wysdom Arts Gallery & Atelier is an arts oasis in Baltimore's historic Bolton Hill district. Our intimate setting allows our guests to feel at home in an art gallery setting.