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Naa Kwarley Amissah

  • wysdom@wysdomarts.com
  • 1400 Eutaw Place, Suite LL, Baltimore Maryland 21217

Hey Love. I am glad that you stopped by my website. I would love to share with you the healing power of Medicine Painting using the Intentional Creativity® Path of Practice.

I have been on this path for over 10 years, so I know first hand that this medicine works. You see, I am a sur-thriver of domestic violence. I am not merely surviving - I am THRIVING, thanks to Intentional Creativity. I used Medicine Painting to do the work that needed to be done in order to heal from that trauma. Then, in 2013, I became a Certified Intentional Creativity Educator and Coach, in 2022 I became a Certified Intentional Creativity Guide, and in 2024 I became a Certified Intentional Creativity Guardian. Yep...I invested in myself so that I could bring this healing medicine basket to others.

And I continue investing in myself and those whom I love. That includes you... This world needs love that is not restricted by societal norms. You know - the "rules" that say we can only love "normal" people. What's "normal" anyway? I love you because, well, because you are you. A living breathing Divinely created person. That's my only criteria for loving you.

So - let's chat over a cuppa sumthin' yummy, like tea. And let's invite our Muses. There's always trouble afoot when the Muses are in the house! But it's only the good kind of trouble... We'll sit in circle and share our stories. And the Red Thread... I'll show you how to do Metacognitive Drawing to help you open up to yourself and be able to hear the whisperings of wisdom from your Soul. Maybe we'll splash some paint and make marks and prayer dots and codify our canvases with the language of our hearts. I want you to know that you are welcome here, and the only experience you need is the Divinely given creativity that is for everyone...

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Wysdom Arts Gallery & Atelier

  • hello@wysdomarts.com
  • 1400 Eutaw Place, Suite LL, Baltimore Maryland 21217

The poster says it all...

Wysdom Arts Gallery & Atelier is a creative sanctuary for those seeking a place to be self-expressed. No judgement here. Only love, creativity, and sometimes dancing! There's really not a good set of words that can be put together which truly describes this space.

We are a MUSEA Global Center: one of the group of galleries and museums created with Many Muses, and Many Hands, in Many Lands... We are a center for Intentional Creativity® where Medicine Painting, Metacognitive Drawing, and Self-Expression is taught as we walk our Path of Practice toward Self-Realization. Wysdom Arts is a center for social justice using art activism as the vehicle to allow our voices to be heard, as well as to speak for the women whose voices have been stifled. We are an art gallery and atelier (studio)...

(Poster Credit: Shiloh Sophia McCloud, Co-Founder & Curate - MUSEA Center for Intentional Creativity, www.musea.org)

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