Engage Your 'Tweens and Teens in Sisterhood...

What if you could immerse your 12 - 15 year old child in an environment where Sisterhood is a key principle?

As a woman, true sisterhood is necessary. We are surrounded by women who are genuinely loving and caring, and who have our backs in good times and bad. But why should we wait until adulthood to indulge in a personal circle which empowers and uplifts us? Certainly as young girls we often have a circle of friends from school and the neighborhoods we grow up in. However, true connection does not always develop in these circles. Young girls are attracted to friendship with others because of their popularity, or the clothes they wear, or the hair and makeup they adorn themselves with.

B'More BOLD is more than superficial connection.

We are connected by intentional acts:

  • Art
  • Nurturing
  • Ethnicity
  • Culture
  • Heritage
  • Oneness

We are AN ECHO of what lies in our hearts. We are Creative Beings who are Brilliant, Optimistic, Loving, and Determined. We love our City - B'More Forever! - and ourselves. And we set ourselves up to Be More, for ourselves, our communities, our City, and our world.

I let go of who I am for who I am BECOMING...

We are always moving forward, growing, changing, becoming more. This is a phenomenon that will follow us all of the days of our lives. B'More BOLD helps to establish a Path of Practice based in Intentional Creativity® that will guide our girls to making better choices - in relationships, in school, in our neighborhoods, and for themselves.

More than a Creative Camp

B'More BOLD is so much more than a creative camp! We consider ourselves a "little sister sorority." Not until the college level are we afforded the camaraderie and connection that sororities are known for. A sense of purpose and sisterhood, giving way to elevated self-esteem, forming new friendships, and providing an avenue for service to the community. This is what it means to be part of B'More BOLD - and it starts NOW, not after high school!

Through intentional arts and acts, we help 'tweens and teens become more confident in themselves and their abilities. We help to elevate low self-esteem through encouragement and positive reinforcement. We empower our Members and help them recognize their own self-worth. B'More BOLD is committed to operating with LOVE at the center of all we do!

Join Us and Fill Your Summer with

LOVE, Laughter, and Learning the

Intentional Arts


B'More BOLD Director, Naa Kwarley Amissah, and

Director of Programming, Michelle LaForest


B'More BOLD Summer Arts Camp

A Little Sister Sorority


June 17 - August 23

Monday through Friday

8 am - 6 pm


Wysdom Arts Gallery & Atelier

1400 Eutaw Place, Suite LL

Baltimore, Maryland 21217


To establish a creative Path of Practice which empowers young girls

between the ages of 12 and 15 years old


Daily in-person sessions with a focus on intentional arts and acts

Our girls need a sense of belonging. A sense of place where they can be free to just BE MORE. Wysdom Arts Gallery & Atelier is a sacred space dedicated to women and girls who seek a place to be self-expressed. Our hearts, our minds, and our doors are open to girls and women in this community and beyond.

We are born into our respective culture, heritage, and practices. But did you know you have a choice in how you live? You are not the sum of your surroundings! B'More!! Be BOLD!!! Embrace your Authentic Self and how you would like to show up!

Our 2024 Circle

When sororities gather new pledges, it's called a "line." B'More BOLD hosts circles. A line is straight. It has a beginning and an end. A circle is continuous - there is no beginning and no end, it just is. We also do not qualify those seeking to be accepted. If you show up, than acceptance is automatic.

There is no gauge to measure if you are a "fit" for our Little Sister Sorority. You only need to be open to intentional acts of creativity and performing all you do with intention. Leading with LOVE in all art and acts, and a willingness to be part of a Sisterhood that is guided by LOVE are our requirements. LOVE remains at the center of all we do!

In June of 2024, we launch our inaugural circle, limited to 6 girls between the ages of 12 and 15 years old. This First Circle sets the stage for each subsequent circle by refining the policies of B'More BOLD, defining its activities to include arts activism, and molding our program into one which is most beneficial for all who attend - now and in the future.

Purple and Pink are our colors! Purple for PURPOSE and as a nod to the Baltimore Ravens. We always rep our City! Pink for our PATH of PRACTICE - Intentional Creativity® - indicating we are fierce, feminine, and free! Free to BE MORE (B'More) Creative... Creativity comes in many forms. As someone who is freely self-expressed, we demonstrate our creativity through art, dance, adornment, and spoken word.

What We Do

B'More BOLD Summer Arts Camp introduces 'tweens and teens to creativity using the Intentional Creativity® Methodology. Creating with intention. Our creativity focuses on the process - not the end product.

"Talent is for the few. Creativity is for EVERYONE." ~Shiloh Sophia McCloud, Founder of the Intentional Creativity® Methodology

We aren't looking for talent here. We are seeking and using creativity for self-expression. We are all creative! Often we approach the creative process with apprehension because we tell ourselves we aren't creative. This is so not true! Intentional Creativity allows you to look inward and find what calls you to create - whether it's a painting on par with the Masters, or a simple line drawing with crayon and paper.

At B'More BOLD, we create wonky dot mandalas, mixed media art journals that express your feelings, thoughts, and emotions, dabble in fiber arts using handmade looms for weaving wall hangings - whatever mediums we are called to use. We also write poetry and journal and participate in spoken word "open mic" events (held within Wysdom Arts Gallery & Atelier).

When our time together comes to completion, your child will come home with an art journal of their very own making - hand stitched with their hands. They will have paintings which tell their story through image, symbol and word and can be hung to adorn their bedrooms with their own art. The culmination of the 9 weeks will be a special ceremony where they cross from being a pledge to becoming a full B'More BOLD Inductee! A lifetime membership to a sorority circle that will be there to support them always.

Registration Is Open!

B'More BOLD Summer Arts Camp opens on June 17, 2024 and is limited to 6 girls between the ages of 12 and 15. Fill out the Interest Form below to add your name to our list. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. The first 6 girls who complete the online registration ($50 registration fee) + submit the first week's tuition will be accepted into the program. As there may be cancellations after acceptance, everyone who registers and is not initially accepted will be put on a waiting list. Cancellations will be filled in the order in which your registration was received.


Your investment in the 'tweens and teens in your life is limitless. Enrolling them in B'More BOLD is just a small part of a lifetime of love that you are offering:

  • A one-time registration fee of $50
  • Weekly tuition of $150, due in advance
  • Tuition payments begin on June 10th and are collected weekly through August 12th

We have a very limited amount of financial assistance available to those who demonstrate financial hardship. Application for financial assistance must be requested and financial need must be demonstrated. Assistance is offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Full details on our financial assistance program will be emailed upon request. Please email wysdom@wysdomarts.com to request information.

Interest form

Fill out the form below to be notified when registration for B'More BOLD Summer Arts Camp is open.

    About the Guides

    Naa Kwarley Amissah

    Wysdom Arts Curator & Director

    Naa Kwarley is a Certified Intentional Creativity® Educator, Guardian, Coach, and Guide. She has studied the Intentional Creativity® Methodology for over 10 years and continues to study and live by this Path of Practice. Naa Kwarley is also the Executive Director of MUSEA's Intentional Creativity® Foundation, lending her gifts and talents to the furtherance of the Intentional Creativity Movement.

    Using the creative tools she's learned over the past 10+ years, Naa Kwarley guides women and girls toward a Path of Practice of their choosing and design built around medicine painting and the tools of Intentional Creativity®. She established Wysdom Arts Gallery & Atelier in 2023 as a sacred space for women and girls to enjoy where they can be self-expressed without fear or shame. Naa Kwarley continues to spread the healing power of art through the intentional arts as far and wide as she is able.

    Email: wysdom@wysdomarts.com

    Michelle LaForest

    Director of Programming

    Michelle is a mixed media artist who is also a Certified Intentional Creativity® Educator and Guide. She uses poetry as imagery, creating works of art portraying the ancient mystic feminine who is mythical and magical. As the brush glides across the canvas or the pen or paper, they give the sensation of gentle caresses and intimate whispers.

    Michelle's art is inspired by all women who are wild and free at their core with the intention of expressing the truth of who they are.

    Email: michelle@wysdomarts.com