Alchemical Affirmations

Doors Open May 7, 2024

Are you yearning for a creative spiritual practice that will both empower you and bring you joy month after month as you grow as a Creative?

Do you desire to journal daily in a creative way which has more impact on your Sapience/Soma/Soul/Spirit than words alone?

Alchemical Affirmations is both/and...

Inside the doors of this ongoing visual journal class, you will find everything you need to make visual journaling an affirming and alchemical lifelong creative spiritual practice.

Daily affirmations have been proven to be transformative. Along with art and a daily writing practice - also proven to be of great benefit to your health and wellness - transformation is realized. Alchemical Affirmations synergizes these 3 healing modalities and creates a joint effect greater than the sum of the modalities achieved separately.

Learn and implement:

  • Visual Journaling (also known as art journaling)
  • (Re)Attune yourself to the cycles of the Moon
  • Daily creative spiritual practice for reconnection to Spirit
  • Self-Empowerment for Sapience/Soma/Soul (Soma = Body)
  • Relationship to Numbers
  • So much more...

A Creative Spiritual Practice for Life

How would it feel to lean into a daily creative spiritual practice that includes art + word/symbol + affirmation? A practice that opens the Portal of Infinite Possibilities for yourself and your life?

Life can be messy... Alchemical Affirmations takes the "messy" and converts it into a visual journal page that processes the mess and transmutes it into a positive affirmation for your life. We have a conscious choice to live life our way. Intentionally create the life of your choice through paint, process, and productive self-affirming practices.

Inquire with Your Self...

  • What would it feel like to establish or enhance a creative spiritual practice designed by you and tailored specifically for your own spiritual edification?
  • How would you feel if you could institute a daily journal practice through art + word/symbol in 15 minutes a day? If you could spend more time in your journal if you choose?
  • What if you had a space to create and experiment and play freely, outside of the "prying eyes" of others, leading to developing your own personal creative style?
  • How would it feel to manifest an affirmative, soul-nurturing outlet for self-expression that assists you in navigating the ebbs and flows of your life?

Alchemical Affirmations makes all of this and more possible through the creation and establishment of a daily ritual designed to embolden your Self.


Sumaiyah Wysdom, Certified Intentional® Creativity Educator, Coach, and Guide, invites all who are seeking the healing power of art + word/symbol and personal affirmations


Creating a Visual Journal of your life that draws you toward alchemical transformation of Self


Online via Zoom + a Private Classroom


Class begins on the May New Moon - May 7th

Monthly Visual Journal Membership


To manifest the life of your dreams through sacred self-expression


Monthly Zoom Connection Calls

Bi-Monthly Visual Journal Spread Creation

Private Classroom Sharing + Witnessing


From birth, our lives have been directed by others. Our parents raised us to be and believe who and what they thought was best. NOW is the time for YOU to make a CONSCIOUS CHOICE of who you are and how you want to live your life.


YOU have the FULL POWER to CHOOSE how you show up!


Living a self-directed, self-expressed life puts you in control. You are a Sovereign Being. Be sovereign in how you choose to BE. Let go of who you are and embrace who you are BECOMING. Using intentional art + words causes and creates a sovereign, intentional, self-expressed life.


The Experience

Our Visual Journal Membership gives you immediate access to all content - no matter when you join:

  • Monthly Connection Calls (upcoming + recorded past calls)
  • Twice a month guided visual journal spreads (New + Full Moons)
  • Guidance in establishing/enhancing a Creative Spiritual Practice
  • Manifesting with the Moon
  • For those called to these practices: Relationship with Numbers (Numerology) + Tarot + Astrology (these practices can be omitted without losing out on the overall benefits of visual journaling)

About Your Guide

Sumaiyah Wysdom, Proprietess

Wysdom Arts Gallery & Atelier

Certified Intentional Creativity® Educator

I have used the healing power of art + words/symbol + affirmation to process and transcend the hard bits in my life. The stumbling blocks, the straight up road blocks, the crossroads... Through sacred self-expression delivered via daily visual journaling, I have enabled myself to move beyond the ups and downs and become who I Am - who I was meant to BE - authentically.

I could share my experience with domestic violence, the trauma of growing up in a home with an alcoholic father, and/or the pain and grief of 5 miscarriages. But I choose not to let those experiences define Who I BE. I choose to define myself through my creative spiritual practice for myself - not for those who look at me and wonder.

You can too...

I have been an avid, daily practitioner of visual journaling for the past 15 years and plan to continue this practice for my lifetime. It has closed wounds, opened doors, and helped me be the woman I am today. Utilizing my 10+ years studying the Intentional Creativity® approach, I would like to guide you on a journey of sacred self-expression which culminates in a creative spiritual practice for you that empowers, uplifts, and affirms Who You BE.

Won't you grab your journal and journey with me?

Photo: Sumaiyah Wysdom @ MUSEA Center in Sonoma California in front of artwork by Master Painter Sue Hoya Sellars.

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